Celebration of Life

Celebrating lifes journey

Celebrating life's journey is a ceremony that has grown from my personal experience of love and loss and the opportunity to share those emotions and celebrate a life well lived.

Perhaps you are considering planning in advance for yourself, or honouring your loved one who has passed.

And while there may be elements in the storytelling, this is not a funeral service and not a memorial service.

let's create memories that will last a lifetime!

Perhaps it’s a symptom of the modern condition and not all of us live close to everyone we love and who love us anymore; so, when the news of a death reaches us minutes after a passing, the unwritten expectation is often we should stop everything, put our grief aside to deal with our work commitments, family, book a flight and accommodation on a credit card and get to that funeral, happening in just a few days. However there is another option.With the consent of and including loved-ones from near and far, plan to meet together at a future date for an event that honours that person. There is no time limit, there is no limit to the theme because grief may be numbed but love stays strong.

Love Stays Strong

Planning to celebrate your own life journey has no boundaries

I heard of a movie fan who, following a long illness, had planned her own Celebration of Life Journey. She arranged for invitations to be pre- printed, booked a fine restaurant for a specific date ahead and planned an Oscars-style event, complete with a red-carpet, big lights, music, photographers, along with an awards and trophy presentation to thank those who had shown her kindness.